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As noted in the comments when I joined, I had run out of space in the 600 to 700 square feet of dedicated to my vintage computer and game console collection. I have now rented a small warehouse space next to my wife's art studio. Now I hope to have enough room to properly display some of this things that I have.

Until you move the stuff you don't realize how much you really have.

I have decided to cull the collection over the next 12 months and hope to give members here a first shot at what I decide to get rid of. Some stuff will be free and other stuff will be for sale or trade.

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Comment by Ken on December 21, 2008 at 12:12pm
I'll be keeping an eye out for your stuff.

Comment by Kathryn on December 23, 2008 at 1:45pm
My interest is peaked. Looking forward to seeing your Apple/Mac display studio. Cool!
Comment by Wholly Mindless on December 23, 2008 at 11:50pm
Hers may be "peaked" but mine is piqued!
Comment by Wholly Mindless on December 23, 2008 at 11:51pm
Oh God, here comes the thing I've been dreading. - Feed the addiction.
Comment by Sean2300c on December 29, 2008 at 7:01pm
ooh yes yes! any chance to acquire more macs! :D
Comment by applefreak on December 19, 2009 at 3:39pm
i know what's mean 'out of space'
always re-arranging the available space to ad just one more


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