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Ultimate Fan Project: the Apple One Replica

Thank you for welcoming me to this cool - retro - community! I was so pleased to hear my name in the welcome address in the podcast right after having submitted my candidacy (and which happened before I even saw the welcome email, that was awesome)!

I always loved Macs, always had one as the first computer I owned was a "Pizza Box" (LCII), it was in 1995. This wasn't a breakthrough in industrial design, but I was very happy to be able to write my term papers on such a cool UI at the time.

It's less the nostalgia of owning old machines than the awe that I have experienced every time I saw one of these machines back at the time. When a friend showed me his Apple Classic years before I thought this was an artefact of the future. Later in 1998 or so as I discovered one of my best friend had a 20th Anniversary Edition Mac I could not believe my eyes.

So thinking about these machines is like time travel to me, and a constant source of marvel when thinking of the advance in technology - and useful - design. Hence I guess my love for those classic machines:) 

One thing I'd like to share with the community is how my interest for "old" Mac just got picked lately: a friend an colleague of mine has decided to build an Apple 1 replica.

Yes, exactly. Looking exactly like the original.

And what's most amazing, is that he has begun to build it from scratch, with absolutely on previous experience in electronics whatsoever. So I decided I should tell the World about this amazing story, and this is what I began to do on this blog we dedicate to the project:

I will keep you guys posted with the progress, stay tuned! 



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