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As part of a weekly community radio program that I contribute to, we now run a regular vodcast of the studio during the show. Up until now one of my colleagues has been using a Netbook with some Windows software to do some basic picture in picture. Problem for me was that we couldn't include the iSight camera (in my Macbook) as part of the feed.

Problem solved! Mac software to the rescue (again). CamTwist is a wonderful freeware application that presents itself as a video source within OSX and allows multiple webcams, DV cams and other media to be streamed within it.

It allows for multiple picture in picture, desktop streaming, audio streaming and has a variety of built in effects to boot.

In our case, we stream the vodcast via Ustream. CamTwist is recognised as a source by Ustream (and I'm told JustinTV also - funny that I don't use that!) and allows for a simple connection.

CamTwist also provides a studio area for staging transitions for introduction into the live stream.

So far, I done some quick tests and all seems to work well. My current setup:

* Macbook CoreDuo 2.0GHz, 2Gb/180Gb - using built in iSight (internal USB)
* 2 x Logitech webcames (ie USB)
* 1 x Panasonic DV handicam (ie Firewire)
* Streaming via 802.11g to a Tesltra 8Mb cable connection

If all goes to plan we will be broadcasting live using this setup next Monday at 2000 hrs AEST. If you're interested check out TechTalkRadio.

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