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I'm sure that by now most of The RMC Community has heard the news that Steve Jobs is taking another Medical Leave of Absence from Apple.  Steve has had several Health Issues over the past 6 years ranging from Pancreatic Cancer, to a Liver Transplant, to this newest concern.  As before COO of Apple Inc, Tim Cook, will shepard the company in Steve's absence.  Steve Jobs has asked that people respect his privacy in the matter, and I tend to agree!


We all love the two Steve's that created this wonderful company, that has given us product that we have treasured all our lives!  But we need to give Steve and his family their privacy as they face what ever medical situations are ahead of our favorite CEO.


Now I don't think that Steve Jobs reads my blog here on RMC, but maybe some people from Apple might, or might even be members?  I'd like to take this time to send out my own personal message to Steve and his family:


"Mr. Steve Jobs, I know that you are a very brave person to have faced down Pancreatic Cancer!  Most people do not live long after that diagnosis, but you pulled through it fine.  Many people would think the idea of a Liver Transplant could be a life ending surgery, but once again you pulled through.  I respect your privacy in this matter Steve, so what ever is wrong, I hope you pull though once again!


I know many people will want you back to work at Apple as soon as possible.  I'd love to see that too, but take how ever much time you need to get healthy!!  We would rather you spent a longer time away, than to lose you altogether.  You have assembled an awesome leadership team, now is their time to be the caretakers of the company while you get well!  In closing, I will be thinking of you, your family, and your friends throughout this time you are away from us.  I wish you, and them all the best!!  Until next we get to hear you give one of your beloved Keynotes, God's Speed your recovery, Steve Jobs!!"


Thanks for reading, and keep Steve, and his family in your thoughts & prayers.  I know I will!

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