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OK I doubt that it's just me, but maybe it is??  The local Apple re-seller that I buy most my Mac stuff from uses an older iMac as their cash register.  So that got me to thinking, "What if the store I work for used Macs??"


Unfortunately my company uses Dell computeres, running Windows CE.  I think that if we used Macs, then maybe the computeres wouldn't be a temperamental as they can be at times!  I work in the receiving department of my store here in Springfield, MO.  We have stores all over the country, and the one I work at just happens to be store #1!  We have problems were paper work for items being sent back to our warehouse will not print off in a timely maner.  Sometimes it prints almost instantly, and other times they have waited over 4 hours before the papers have printed!!  Of course wether it would make a difference or not, I think if we had Macs it wouldn't happen that way!


So I was wondering, if anyone else ever thought, "What if my store/company/employer used Macs?"  Or have you been to a place as a customer, and thought the same thing?  How do you think it would hep improve things?  At the very least it would improve the looks of any businesses!!  As I'm writing this post, I'm thinking, "What about the government?  What if the computer system at The White House were all Macs?"


Maybe I'm just being silly, but I think that's the kind of creativity that Macintosh has inspired since it's birth over 20 years ago!


So if you've ever had similar thoughts, please leave me a comment!  Tell me what kinds of computers your employer/place you've been to uses.  Then tell me what kind of Macs you think they should use, and how you think it would improve on how they do business.

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Comment by Franklin Johnson on January 16, 2011 at 4:21pm

Here's my example:

I work for Bass Pro, store #1.  I think that all the Managers computers should be replaced with maxed out 27" iMacs!  They would run a full version of OS X, and I think it would streamline their work flows, and speed productivity.


All the cash registers should be replaced with either intro level 21.5" iMacs, or Mac Minis.  A cash register Mac would run OS X with a restricted account, or a custom programe that allows for cash register use only.


Then set up through out the store would be Kiosk Macs, they would be Mac Minis with the 24" Cinema displays.  They would be set up with restricted Kiosk mode accounts, allowing customers to acces  That way customers can see what we offer on line, which is not always the same as in the store. They would also have bookmarked several websites of companies that we carry products for.  That way customers can view info about a product directly from the manufacture!  We used to do a similar thing to this, but they always had problems with the PC's that they used.  Also they only had maybe 3 kiosks set up through the whole store.  I think there needs to be one in each department, and 4 more set up, 2 at the main entrance, and 2 more at the secondary entrance.


Not only do I think that these would be easier to use, be very stable, but also would have a minimum amount of equipment!, iMacs are self contained, and the Mac Minis require the attachment of a Display only!  then for the registers the addition of a printer, credit card reader, and cash till.  It could take a bit of the strain off associates, customers could look up info about products for themselves, and even order items out of stock at the store through our website!  Plus maybe we wouldn't have to wait 2 hours to get transfer paperwork any more!!  :-)  :-)

Comment by Melissa on January 27, 2011 at 12:39pm

We have black HP boxes running Windows XP... though there is a guy in publishing across from me who has an iMac G4 flowerpot. 

I'd love if they gave us Macs... any kind!


I love it when I see a business or store using Macs, it always makes me feel a little better about going there. I remember the vet I went to years ago had G3 iMacs.


Comment by Franklin Johnson on January 27, 2011 at 1:50pm
Sounds awesome Melissa!  The Apple re-seller I deal with not only uses an older iMac for their register, but they have several older Macs all around the store!!  I love going in to look at the older Macs!!


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