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i'm finding that i have to be really careful with all this retro apple stuff, the plastic sometimes just crumbles in my hands!   i ordered a Powermac 7500 from oregon,  shipped to michigan…    Man when i opened it up , everything in there was broken up. even the plastic power button.   

This power mac 140 i am working on, trying to remove the battery was a chore, it had slightly cracked and expanded,

the plastic was crumbling on the battery,   and when i opened the laptop up,  all the standoff's that were mounted in plastic, all the plastic mounts were just crumbled, it was strange…  but i was able to glue them back together,

maybe apple never thought anyone would be crazy enough to be working on a product that is so old :)

Also,  Trying to find a 2.5 inch SCSI hard drive is alot more difficult then i thought… well there are some out there, but the price is sick… way more then what i paid for the whole laptop,  but im still going to buy one , just deciding on size, batteries for these are only 30 dollars however, free shipping… 

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Comment by Dave Ross on February 25, 2012 at 11:43pm

I have a Duo 230 that needs a new hard drive, too. It's such a shame, it appears to be in perfect working order other than that.


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