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Hi Old Mac Friends,


I have updated my page There is a new News section with an brand new fresh RSS feed ULR:, I feature the most nice 68k Mac items on eBay USA there.


Because most of the old Macs I was willing to sell have found a new owner I have added a new eBay section. You can search easily for all sorts of old Macs like Macintosh 128k, Mac Plus, Macintosh SE, LC, Performa and so on. Please have a look. Simply select the Mac model you are searching for with the selector and you see all offers actually on eBay USA.

I am working on an iPhone App to find vintage Macs on the road again :-)
I Get back to you with news about it soon.


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Comment by Scott on December 21, 2010 at 7:44am
Oh my gosh- love the Mac locator! Major big deal! Hell you could capture the entire old mac buyer market with this thing- like the Google for old Macs- you could build an entire old Mac website/ resource library with your locater the central point of the site. I'm in.

Sorry, I got off on the potential of this thing... I'll hush now :)


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