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This has documenting value only. But it really shows my Classic II with its 10 MB of RAM (and a 40 MB HD) copying the entire content of a Zip disk 100 MB to a streamer tape 2 GB. None of these items is 'younger' than 15 years (maybe the Zip is).
The process took about 15 minutes.
Set the playback to full screen and watch the files being written to tape!
This really has to be repeated with a better illumination; this was the first attempt after installing the 'RetroSpect' software into the System 7.5.

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Comment by Lars (WhyOSX) on February 5, 2009 at 4:53am
Now that I see it here - this has to be done again. I found a package of a dozen of hp streamer cartridges and a few month later I received this combo drive (accompanied with an exernal HD 300 MB) from a dear friend, known here as 'Kalamake'. The Zip is in a combo drive case, too, with an empty space and slot waiting for a CD writer. Any of these drives is totally over-dimensioned here - the one that fits well is invisible - a 44 MB Syquest drive.


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