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John Scull, Part 2 - CHM Oral History

Not, not John Sculley... John *Scull*. Confusing, right? Especially since he was a mid-level Apple executive. :-) He was "Mr. Desktop Publishing" at Apple.

Quote from Part 2's description:
Having firmly established desktop publishing as a billion-dollar business by 1988, Scull moved on to a new challenge: multimedia. Scull put together a business plan for multimedia, for a disc-based interactive video player whose titles would be authored on a Mac, sold into education and later corporate training. This was not approved by the executive staff. Seeing political turmoil again at Apple, Scull decided to depart. Scull then became CEO of MacroMind, a progenitor of Macromedia, whose business was firmly in the multimedia space. At MacroMind, Scull shepherded the development of Director from an earlier program, VideoWorks. Launched at Macworld in 1989, Director became a successful authoring tool for advertising, promotional, educational and consumer products, garnering over $10 million in sales.

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