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NeXTEVNT 2015: Doug Menuez, Peter Graffagnino, Don Melton

Have you ever seen a YouTube clip title and thought, "No... that sounds too juicy to be relevant to what I'm after"? This is not one of those clips.

Interviews! Apple/NeXT history! Black hardware talk! An hour's worth!

Doug Menuez is a photojournalist whose primary focus is the computer industry. (Great, now I have another hour of cool stuff to dig through.) You've probably already seen his work: he documented the early days of NeXT and co-published "Defying Gravity: The Making of Newton".

Peter Graffagnino was responsible for incorporating Display PostScript into NeXTSTEP.

Don Melton is an ex-Macromind, ex-Adobe, ex-Netscape, ex-Eazel developer who went on to create a little project called Safari at Apple.

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