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  • iMac G4 First Boot

    iMac G4 First Boot

    First Boot of my "new to me" iMac G4. This thing is sweet. PowerPC G4, 800 Mhz, 512 GB RAM, 150 GB… Tags: G4, iMac BRCincy Feb 16, 2011 86 views

  • iMac G4 Arrives

    iMac G4 Arrives

    A new addition to my Vintage Macintosh collection, and iMac G4, in its original packaging. Thought… Tags: G4, iMac BRCincy Feb 16, 2011 71 views

  • Bondi Blue

    Bondi Blue 06:02

    A Rev. B Bondi Blue G3 iMac, circa 1998m running PowerPC G3 266 MHz 98 MB RAM. I use this as a slid… Tags: Bondi, Blue BRCincy Nov 2, 2009 285 views

  • Snow iMac

    Snow iMac 03:21

    My second G3 iMac, a Snow iMac. Tags: iMac, G3 BRCincy Jan 27, 2009 126 views

  • G3 iMac

    G3 iMac 05:30

    This is a Blue G3 iMac that I got off eBay for a few dollars...Nice machine, very capable, but the… Tags: G3, iMac BRCincy Jan 25, 2009 168 views



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